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Start-Ups Were At Their Maxima In Gotham. Penguin, Just Another Employee In A Multinational Company Rose To The Occasion And Decided To Be The Part Of The Wave, And Become Large Enough One Day To Manipulate It. But Nygma, The Voice In His Head - The Wise Told Him That There Was No Point To Starting Something Of The Sort. For Everyone Else Was Doing The Same Thing When Talked Off In A Broader Spectrum. That's When Penguin Sat Nygma Down And Told Him That Their Approach To The Client Would Be Different.


He Try His Hands On Every Skill As A Freelancer. Then He Realises That He Is Better At Convincing People.

So As Soon As He Quits Work, He Decides To Seek Some Advice From His Boss Miss Moonie.

Who Laughs At Him And Tells Him To Get Some Experience First.


Penguin Decided To Participate In Maroni's Competition To Get Funds For His Startup But Is Rejected.

Nygma Suspects That Moonie Did It On Purpose Because The Reasons For Their Rejection Sounded So Made Up.


With No Investors Penguin Started Approaching Clients With Whatever Resources He Already Had - Contacts Of His Previous Clients. These Clients He Got Introduced To When He Was Working In Moonie's Company.

He Had Worked For Them And They Liked Him. He Thought It To Be A Convincing Way To Ask Them For Their Small Projects. These Clients Were Neither As Large As Moonie Nor Too Small As Him Which Made Them A Perfect Match And Easier To Convince.


When Approaching Moonie’s Clients Works For Penguin He Falls Short Of Team Members To Deliver The New Projects On Time.

While Brainstorming His Ways To Get Funds He Trips Over Unimplementable Solutions. When He’s About To Risk His Clients For A Potential Plan He Gets A Call From Gordon.

Gordon Finds Penguin’s Idea Of Telling The Client’s Story Appealing And Decides To Invest In His Company.

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